Oh the HORROR. It’s SICK!


Leveen, Tom.  Sick.  New York: Amulet Books, 2013.  9781419708053.  288 p.  $16.95. Gr 10-12.

When Brian and the rest of his misfit friends skip out of school for lunch the last thing they expect to come back to is a zombie apocalypse.  A disease that starts out with flu-like symptoms has changed their friends and classmates into flesh eating beasts who maul anyone in sight.  After witnessing his friend brutally tear apart another friend, Brian and others find shelter in the theater arts building. His relief is short lived though as Brian fails to get in touch his younger sister and sort of ex-girlfriend, Laura, who has a paralyzing anxiety disorder.  Brian and his comrades struggle to formulate a plan to save their loved ones, escape the school, all while avoiding being killed, or even worse, turned.

Horror          Melissa Daugherty, Sharon Middle-High School

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