Some Food (and other things) for Thought: New in Non-Fiction 2013

The Library of Tattoos and Body Piercings (series). San Diego: Reference Point Press, 2014.  80 p. $28.95 ea. Gr. 7-12.
Currie-McGhee, Leanne. Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Health. 978-1-60152-5642
Currie-McGhee, Leanne. Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Teens.  978-1-60152-5666
Hirschmann, Kris. Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Art. 978-1-60152-5628
Stewart, Gail B. A Cultural History of Tattoos. 978-1-60152-5604
Szumski, Bonnie and Jill Karson. A Cultural History of Body Piercing. 978-1-60152-5581

For thousands of years, tattoos and body piercings have both richly adorned human bodies AND brought disease and even death.  This series takes a comprehensive look at tattoos and body piercings from the perspectives of history, art, health and teen views.  The more celebratory titles are those focused on history and art (A Cultural History of Body Piercing; A Cultural History of Tattoos; Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Art); while the two focused on health and teenagers (Tattoos, Body Piercings and Health; Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Teens) really reinforce the possible negative consequences of tattoos and body piercings.  All five are inviting texts, interweaving factual data with personal stories (reasons why a person chose a tattoo as well as reasons a person now regrets the choice).  Young people are urged to “think before you ink” as most who regret their choices had the work done as teenagers.  One issue not covered prominently is the effect of tattoos and body piercings on personal relationships or employment.  Overall, the series evenhandedly shows the reasons behind interest in tattoos and body piercings and realistic health outcomes, physically and emotionally.  A worthwhile purchase that will attract teen readers.
617.9; Health                     Melissa Scott, Shenango High School


Kessler, David. Your Food is Fooling You: How Your Brain is Hijacked by Sugar, Fat, and Salt. New York: Roaring Brook Press, 2013. 978-1596438316. 183 p. $9.99 Gr. 8 and up.
Kessler, pediatrician and former USFDA Commissioner investigates the burgeoning obesity crisis in America, in this readable young reader’s edition of his New York Times bestseller, The End of Overeating.  Here, he identifies factors that make food such a problem for the majority of us: the trifecta of fat, sugar and salt in most processed foods, food as entertainment are major reasons.  Within the industry, the push for profits leads to the push for irresistible foods and food experiences.  A desirable “mouthfeel” of certain foods leads many of us to want to repeat the eating experience, even if we’re overeating.  “Monster meals” increase the problem, as does eating mindlessly, with or without friends to help.  Fake food, fried food and more, Kessler has identified it, and made it into easy reading for young people and adults.  After targeting the food, he shifts to analyzing overeating, then blessedly devotes a section entitled “Food Rehab” to changing and improving our eating habits.  Tactics include knowing the industry tactics, retraining your brain, getting support, being ready with rules, and making it a lifestyle, not a diet.
613.2: Health                         Melissa Scott, Shenango High School


Parks, Peggy J.  Concussions (Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders).  San Diego: Reference Point Press, 2014. 978-1-60152-512-3. 96 p. $41.35. Gr. 8 and up.
This nonfiction selection gives a great general overview of the definition of concussions, diagnosis and treatment, the risks, and prevention.  Each chapter discusses the most current research and includes primary source quotes, charts, diagrams, and specific bulleted facts.  While the books states many reasons for concussions, the emphasis of this book is on sports-related concussions during the teenage years.  This book is great for a student who has suffered a concussion or one who might be doing research on the topic.
617.1; Health            Nicole Starner, Biglerville HS/Upper Adams MS
Parks, Peggy J.  Digestive Disorders (Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders). San Diego: Reference Point Press, 2014. 978-1-601-52514-7. 96 p. $41.35. Gr. 8 and up.
This nonfiction text brings to the forefront several disorders that are not often discussed, usually for fear of embarrassment.  The text sheds light on numerous statistics that show the amount of cases, the causes of the disorders, and the treatment.  Within each chapter, personal accounts of those dealing with a specific disorder are referenced, making this book easy to follow and associate with.  This book is great for a student conducting research or for the student who may be experiencing symptoms of these disorders.
Health                   Nicole Starner, Biglerville HS/Upper Adams MS
Grayson, Robert.  Revolutionary War (Essential Library of American Wars). Minneapolis, MN: ABDO, 2014. 978-1-61783-879-8. 112 p. $23.95. Grades 8 and up.
While there are already numerous books on the subject of the Revolutionary War, this book makes it easy to understand the sequence of events and the people involved.  The nine chapters in the book cover the reasons why the War began in the first place and discuss several major battles.  All chapters include several drawings and paintings of the scenes along with interesting facts in the margins.  The back of the book also contain a timeline, short comments on the famous people involved, and a glossary of terms.  Perfect for the student who would like a quick read on the entire scope of the war.
War; American Revolution   Nicole Starner, Biglerville HS/Upper Adams MS
Blohm, Craig E.  Catastrophic Events of the 2000s (Decade of the 2000s series). San Diego: Reference Point, 2014. 978-1-60152-522-2. $31.32. 96 p. Grades 8 and up.
 With clear pictures and succinct articles of disastrous events, this book will interest many readers who are reading for pleasure. This text covers killer events that span the weather, diseases, terrorism, and man-made catastrophes.  Some chapters include inserts that explain two different perspectives of the event, and others include inserts of historical facts.  Other features include a timeline of events and important people and words of the 2000s.
Natural Disasters           Nicole Starner, Biglerville HS/ Upper Adams MS
Netzley, Patricia D.  Terrorism and War of the 2000s (Decade of the 2000s series). San Diego: Reference Point Press, 2014. 978-1-60152-530-7. 96 p. $31.32. Grades 8 and up.
This text presents a good overview of terrorism that has occurred all over the world and the wars that have resulted from it.  Some concepts discussed include America’s War on Terror, hostage taking, suicide bombings, coordinated terrorist attacks, and internal civil conflicts.  Other inserts include different perspectives of negotiating with terrorists, how reducing poverty might help civil strife, and how to prevent terrorist attacks.
363.325 Terrorism               Nicole Starner, Biglerville HS/Upper Adams MS
Nazario, Sonia. Enrique’s Journey: The True Story of a Boy Determined to Reunite with His Mother. New York: Delacorte Press, 2013. 9780385743272. 273 p. $16.99. Ages 12 and up.

This is the story of Enrique and his heroic journey to be reunited with his mother, Lourdes, who decided to leave Honduras for the United States in hopes of making a better future for her children. Journalist, Sonia Nazario, tells the story of not only Enrique, but the many children that attempt the dangerous trip from Central America to the United States in search of mothers who had to leave their children behind to find work. Sonia decides to make the journey herself, which involves her train-hopping and enduring the risk of being beaten, raped, or even killed. This firsthand account of what children are willing to risk to be reunited with loved ones is touching and horrifying at the same time. This modern day story would be beneficial to add when studying the Underground Railroad or any other historic lessons taught about survival and risks taken by immigrants to make a better way for themselves and their families.

305.23 Children/Adolescence                           Krista Goodzinski, Riverside MS



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