Great Filmmakers

Great Filmmakers (series).  New York: Cavendish Square, 2015. 80 p. $25.00 ea. Gr. 7-12
   Clint Eastwood  978-1-62712-948-0
   James Cameron  978-1-62712-951-0
   Kathryn Bigelow  978-1-62712-939-8
   Peter Jackson  978-1-62712-942-8
   Sofia Coppola  978-1-62712-945-9
   Steven Spielberg  978-1-62712-936-7

Want a look behind the scenes of your favorite movies? Pick up one of these books about some of the greatest producers and directors of all time!  These colorful books include a biography of the filmmakers along with numerous tidbits about the movies they produced, such as how much money each movie made and how long the filming of the movie took.  Each chapter also portrays a 1-2 page “Director’s Cut” that delves into details about the filmmakers personal life or actresses/actors the filmmaker has worked with.  The final pages of the book include a filmography of all of the movies the filmmaker has acted in, written, directed, or produced, along with the years of movies, and a glossary of terms associated with filmmaking.  These books are great to pick up if you have a special adoration for the filmmaker, watch a great deal of movies, or are conducting researcher on one of the filmmakers.

791  Films, Biographies          Nicole Starner  Biglerville HS/Upper Adams MS

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