Elem. – Astonishing Animals (Series NF)

Astonishing Animals. Crabtree Publishing Company, 2020. $15.16 ea. $90.96, Set of 6. Grades 3-6. 

Howell, Izzi. Animal Athletes. 978-0-778-76933-0.
—. Animal Engineers. 978-0-778-76936-1.
Hyde, Natalie. Animal Oddballs. 978-0-778-76937-8.
—. Animal Disguises.  978-0-778-76935-4.
—. Animal Survivors. 978-0-778-76938-5.
Johnson, Robin. Animal Celebrities. 978-0-778-76934-7.

Astonishing Animals is a high-interest nonfiction series for upper elementary students brimming with full-color nature photography and fascinating facts. Each title focuses on animals that have extraordinary characteristics. In Animal Oddballs, students will read about animals with bizarre adaptations and how these adaptations have allowed the species to thrive including the red-lipped batfish, flic-flac spider and naked mole rats. Animal Athletes focuses on the fastest, toughest, most flexible, and strongest specimens in the animal kingdom. Highlighted animals include impalas, mako sharks, and horned dung beetles. The text is divided into manageable chunks with colorful call-out boxes and captions. Most two-page spreads also include a Fact File table with brief notes about the animal’s size, habitat, diet, and location. Other non-fiction text features include a glossary, index, and table of contents. Website suggestions are also included for students who would like to read more about the featured astonishing animals.

THOUGHTS: This series is filled with everything nonfiction elementary readers crave especially bite-sized facts about unusual nature and extreme full-colored photography. Readers who enjoy almanac and fact books will also appreciate Astonishing Animals.

591.5 Habitats and Behavior          Jackie Fulton, Mt. Lebanon SD

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