Elem. – Wondering Around

Fleming, Meg. Wondering Around. Illustrated by Richard Jones.  Beach Lane Books, 2022. Unpaged. $18.99 978-1-534-44935-0. Grades PK-2.

“Out for a hike, or a climb, or a ride–what do you wonder when you wander outside?” This whimsically illustrated book asks readers to answer this question everywhere they go. In the rain, near forest animals, underwater, under rocks… what do you see there, and what can you imagine there? After wandering through many places, the book shows several students drawing their own pictures, one student gazing thoughtfully (wondering) at his own. He incorporates some of the images from his classmates’ work–on his paper or in his mind. “Think and blink on everything. On wing. On foot. On fin. Wander on the outside…and wander on the in.”

THOUGHTS: This book successfully breathes life into places using imagination, encouraging readers to stop and consider, re-think, explore, and imagine. The illustrations work well to open up the pages using dazzling colors and light as a variety of children wander and wonder. This book is well-placed to inspire artists, writers, and wanderers to see their environment and see beyond, making the most of the possibilities of imagination.   

Picture Book          Melissa Scott, Shenango Area SD

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