Elem. – Gross-Out Books (Series NF)

Rosenberg, Pam. Gross-Out Books. Child’s World, 2022. $22.00 ea. $176.00 set of 8. 24 p. Grades 3-6.

Gross Stuff in Your Body. 978-1-503-85019-4.
Gross Stuff in Your Food. 978-1-503-85020-0.
Gross Stuff in Your Garden. 978-1-503-85021-7.
Gross Stuff in the Hospital. 978-1-503-85022-4.
Gross Stuff in Your House.
Gross Stuff in Your School. 978-1-503-85024-8.
Gross Stuff Underground. 978-1-503-85025-5.
Gross Stuff Underwater. 978-1-503-85026-2.

When looking at the world, there are gross things in it! If you want to dive into some of the things in the world that make you say “yuck!” then this book series is for you! From home, to your body, to the outside world, there are tons of things that will gross you out – so start reading to learn about them! This reviewer read Gross Stuff in Your Garden and Gross Stuff in Your House. Gross Stuff in Your Garden focuses on all the yucky things that can be found in your garden. The dirt, garden bugs, and even meat-eating plants are just a few of the gross items you may run into! Gross Stuff in Your House notices all the yucky things you may just ignore. From fleas and mites to mold growing in many places, there is always something around to make you say “yuck!”

THOUGHTS: A truly gross book! Readers will enjoy the photographs and illustrations filled in this series, all the while learning about the things that make you wrinkle your nose!

577.5 – 641.3 Science          Rachel Burkhouse, Otto-Eldred SD

MG – Germy Science: The Sick Truth about Getting Sick (and Staying Healthy)

Kay, Edward. Germy Science: The Sick Truth about Getting Sick (and Staying Healthy). Kids Can Press, 2021. 978-1-525-30412-5. 48 p. $18.99. Grades 4-8.

This entertaining, comprehensive guide to germs presents readers with a wealth of well-researched information. Topics include the history of germs, the different types of germs, important discoveries about germs, how the immune system works, how to stay healthy, and more. There is information about plagues and pandemics, including a brief section on the COVID-19 pandemic. There is even information about the use of germ warfare and the future of germs. Sections of text are split up by goofy, cartoon-like illustrations and informational sidebars. A glossary, index, and additional resources are included in the end matter. A truly engaging and enlightening book, this would be an excellent addition to middle school science collections.

THOUGHTS: I found this book very timely and incredibly fascinating. For instance, did you know that some therapists cure their patients of mysophobia (irrational fear of germs) by taking them on the subway and making them lick the handrails? Gross! I think middle school students would find this work absolutely captivating.

579.3 Bacteria          Julie Ritter, PSLA Member