Upper Elem. Series NF – Country Profiles

Country Profiles. Bellwether Media, 2018. 32pp. $359.10 set of 18. $19.95 ea. Gr. 3-6.

Gitlin, Marty. Mexico. 978-1-62617-685-0.

Oachs, Emily Rose. India. 978-1-62617-681-2.

Rechner, Amy. England. 978-1-62617-679-9.

Country Profiles explores the landscape, wildlife, people, customs, attractions and more in a concise format for upper elementary students.  Each text begins with a well-known (tourist) attraction and then moves into specific information about the country. Each topic is a two-page spread that includes text, images, and photographs exploring the topic, along with bolded vocabulary to help students.  The volumes end with a basic timeline of the nation, facts, glossary, and “To Learn More” section with additional texts and the factsurfer website. THOUGHTS:  This is a nice series for teaching research because each volume follows the same structure.  

Country Profiles     Erin Bechdel, Beaver Area SD