Elem. – College Football Teams (Series NF)

College Football Teams. The Child’s World, 2022. $21.95 ea. $ $263.40 set of 12. 24 p. Grades 3-5.

Kelley, K. C. Alabama Crimson Tide. 978-1-503-85031-6.
Kelley, K. C. Army and Navy Football. 978-1-503-85034-7.
Ellenport, Craig. Auburn Tigers. 978-1-503-85041-5.
Kelley, K. C. Clemson Tigers. 978-1-503-85032-3.
Kelley, K. C. LSU Tigers. 978-1-503-85033-0.
Kelley, K. C. Michigan Wolverines. 978-1-503-85035-4.
Gigliotti, Jim. Nebraska Cornhuskers. 978-1-503-85042-2.
Clendening, Cameron. Notre Dame Fighting Irish. 978-1-503-85036-1.
Ellenport, Craig. Ohio State Buckeyes. 978-1-503-85037-8.
Gigliotti, Jim. Oklahoma Sooners. 978-1-503-85038-5.
Kelley, K. C. Texas Longhorns. 978-1-503-85040-8.
Clendening, Cameron. USC Trojans. 978-1-503-85039-2.

This reviewer had the opportunity to review Notre Dame Fighting Irish from this series. This volume combines colorful, often full-page photographs with simple text to support readers as they learn about a popular college football team. Captions that accompany the photos provide additional details and context to the content, and bolded terms can be found in a simple glossary to help readers with unfamiliar vocabulary. Occasional sidebars provide even more interesting details about individual players, coaches, and important games in Notre Dame football history.

THOUGHTS: These books provide a simple overview of each college football team in the series for readers who need reading support but still want interesting content about subjects they love. Clear text, colorful images and text features like sidebars and a glossary for bold-faced terms will help readers gain confidence. These would also be a good springboard for deeper research or a good introduction, but students who need more in-depth details will be left looking for additional information elsewhere; directing students to the “find out more” reading list and links on the Child’s World website may be necessary for those needing more details.

796.332 Football          Erin Faulkner, Cumberland Valley SD

MG/YA – Drugs and their Dangers (Series NF)

Erickson, Marty. Drugs and their Dangers. BrightPoint Press, 2020. $30.95 ea. $154.75 set of 5. 80 p. Grades 6-12.

E-cigarettes and their Dangers. 978-1-682-82705-5.
Heroin and Its Dangers. 1-682-82707-0.
Marijuana and Its Dangers. 978-1-682-82709-3.
Methamphetamine and Its Dangers. 978-1-682-82711-6.
Opioids and Their Dangers. 978-1-682-82713-0.

In four chapters each book in this series explores a type of drug, how the drug affects the body and society, and the treatment for drug abuse. A “Fact Sheet” introduces the reader to the topic while an introduction dives into a teenager’s personal account of being addicted to the drug, an explanation of how people can become addicted, or how the drug became popular in the United States. Each book also includes a Glossary, Source Notes, and pages with additional sources for students to research the topic further.

THOUGHTS: This series is a good addition to a middle school or high school collection. The simple sentence structure and generous amount of white space between lines of text makes each book easy for older students who may struggle with reading but are interested in the topic.

362.29 Addiction          Jaynie Korzi, South Middleton SD

MG – Lux: The New Girl

Woodfolk, Ashley. Lux: The New Girl. Penguin Workshop. 2020. 978-0-593-09602-4. 139 pp. $15.99. Grades 6-9.

Lux Ruby Lawson has had a default setting – pissed – ever since her dad left. She was kicked out of her old school for fighting, and her mom has put her on notice: if she messes up again, she’ll have to go live with the father who walked out on her, the same father who just welcomed a new baby girl. Lux wants to stay out of trouble, but when a classmate pushes her too far the ensuing scuffle is captured on multiple cell phone cameras. Lux is expelled and relocated to her dad’s apartment. Through a connection and a strong interview, she’s accepted at Augusta Savage School of the Arts in Harlem, to pursue her interest in photography. She makes friends with the “Flyy Girls,” Noelle, Tobyn, and Micah (each of whom takes center stage in subsequent installments of the Flyy Girls series). But Lux worries about what will happen if the videos of the fight resurface and her new friends discover the past she’s kept hidden. Ashley Woodfolk packs a lot into just 141 pages: family dynamics, friend drama, mild romance, school pranks, and even a photography assignment for the school paper. Each character’s personality is vibrant and distinct, and Lux is believably flawed. Her evolution, from a girl who settles scores with a punch to a more mature friend and daughter, is the endearing core of the novel.

THOUGHTS: Lux: The New Girl is an excellent hi-lo series starter to add to school library collections, and more importantly to read and discuss with students. It would pair well with Fights: One Boy’s Triumph Over Violence by Joel Christian Gill for a professional book study.

Realistic Fiction          Amy V. Pickett, Ridley SD