Elem. – I Hop

Cepeda, Joe. I Hop. Holiday House, 2021. 978-0-823-44825-8. 32 p. $15.99. Grades K-1.

An easy reader that guides the character all through town on his pogo stick. The main character hops through town gathering supplies and ends with a picnic with his grandmother. There are lots of repetitive, short sentences and clear pictures to provide clues to new readers. The book is level C, for middle of kindergarten students. A website is listed for additional resources to use in conjunction with the book such as flashcards and other activities. 

THOUGHTS: This book is sure to instill confidence in new readers! If you’re looking for more leveled books to add to your elementary collection, this is an easy pick!

Picture Book         Samantha Hull, Ephrata Area SD

Elem. – Season to Season (Series NF)

Gardeski, Christina Mia. Season to Season. Pebble Plus, 2020. $20.54 ea. $82.16 set of 4. 24 p. Grades PreK-2.

A Year in the City. 978-1-977112-87-3.
A Year on the Farm. 978-1-9771-1293-4.
A Year in the Forest. 978-1-977112-89-7.
A Year at the Pond. 978-1-977112-91-0.

Readers can explore the four seasons as seen on a farm or in a city, forest, or pond. Large color photographs compliment simple, factual text that covers the basics of changing seasons in each setting. Spring on the farm finds farmers plowing, planting, and welcoming newborn animals; in summer, “Crops grow in the warm sun. Tomatoes ripen. Cornstalks stretch from the earth.” Pebble Plus continues to produce high quality, high interest nonfiction for early readers. Each book includes a table of contents, glossary, index, and resources for students interested in learning more about the topic.

THOUGHTS: An attractive addition for collections looking to update their offerings on the four seasons or any reader who enjoys learning something new.

577 Nature of Life         Lindsey Long, Lower Dauphin SD