Elem. – Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets

Khan, Hena. Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets. Chronicle Books, 2021. 978-1-452-18274-2. 32p. $7.99. Grades K-2.

A young Muslim girl takes readers through the shapes of different things found in Islam using shapes with simple rhymes. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and every time readers go through this book, they will find something new to look at within each illustration. There is a glossary found in the back of the book, as well as an author’s note which helps to explain some of the terms that readers might not have heard of before.

THOUGHTS: This book is a must have for any elementary collection. The illustrations are beautiful and will draw readers into wanting to pick it up and flip through its pages.

Picture Book          Mary Hyson, Lehigh Valley Regional Charter Academy

Elem. – The Perfect Fit

Jones, Naomi. The Perfect Fit. 1st American ed., Kane Miller, 2021. 978-1-684-64141-3. Unpaged. $14.99. Grades K-3.

Triangle loved playing with the circles, but sometimes she felt a bit different. She couldn’t roll like the circles and often felt like she was getting in their way. Therefore, she set off in search of friends who were more like her. She played with some squares, but soon realized she couldn’t stack like them. She played with the hexagons, but found that she kept messing up their pattern. Finally, Triangle discovered other triangles who were exactly like her. However, it wasn’t long before Triangle realized that it was a lot more fun for all of the shapes to play together. A cute story with a strong positive message about acceptance and inclusion, this book would be an excellent addition to any elementary collection.

THOUGHTS: I love the many ways in which this book could be used in an elementary setting. It could be used to introduce geometrical shapes and patterns, or it could be used to initiate a discussion about acceptance and inclusion. Pair it with other titles that celebrate diversity and differences, such as Lisa Mantchev’s Strictly No Elephants (2015) and Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to Be Different (2001).

Picture Book          Julie Ritter, PSLA Member