Elem. – Are You a Cheeseburger?

Arnaldo, Monica. Are You a Cheeseburger? Katherine Tegen Books, 2021. 978-0-063-00394-1. 32 p. $17.99. Grades K-3. 

When Grub the raccoon meets Seed the seed in a trashcan one night, an unexpected friendship is born. Grub is scavenging for food, like usual, when he discovers Seed among the trashbags. Seed isn’t sure what kind of plant she will grow into. Grub is hoping it’s one that produces cheeseburgers. He plants Seed right away, and the wait begins. The two spend lots of time together, waiting to see what Seed will become. They sing songs and share stories until one day, Seed blooms. Seed breaks the disappointing news that it appears she’s just a flower, not a cheeseburger plant. Upon reflection, Grub concludes that although cheeseburgers would have been nice, flowers, and friends, might be just as special too.

THOUGHTS: Several discussion-worthy themes surface in this story, including getting over disappointment, accepting different outcomes than anticipated, discovering one’s own potential, and valuing relationships with others over individual desires. Ideas and opinions about growth and self-discovery will also make insightful talking points for students.

Picture Book          Anne Bozievich, Southern York County SD