Discovering Art


Discovering Art (5 volume set).  San Diego, CA: Reference Point Press, 2015.  80p.  $31.32  Gr. 7+.  

Allen, John.  Anime and Manga.  978-1-60152-696-0.

Hirschmann, Kris.  Impressionism.  978-1-60152-700-4.

Kallen, Stuart A.  Animation.  978-1-60152-664-9.

Kallen, Stuart A.  Sculpture.  978-1-60152-678-6.

Stewart, Gail B.  Graphic Arts.  978-1-60152-698-4.


Each of the books in the Discovering Art series examines the history of a given art form and looks at the techniques used to produce the form.  These books are well-written and will be readily understood by most young adults.  They make frequent use of informative text boxes, photographs, and diagrams.  Each book also has an index, endnotes, and suggestions for further research (including books and websites).

The volumes on sculpture and impressionist art are not groundbreaking in any way and libraries may want to acquire more comprehensive books on these subjects.  However, the books on graphic arts, animation, and anime/ manga are especially well done.  Each of these books discusses and informs about subjects that interest young adults:  Anime and Manga contains a good look at Hayao Miazaki’s work (Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service).  Animation takes a look at traditional animation, computer animation, and claymation (Wallace and Gromit).  Graphic Arts does an excellent job of raising awareness about the extent to which graphic design is a part of our daily lives.  The discussion of how graphics become iconic (the product can be recognized without words describing it) is especially interesting.

Libraries may want to consider purchasing volumes of this set according to their needs.

740: Drawing and Decorative Arts        Susan Fox, Washington JSHS


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