Elem. – On Account of the Gum

Rex, Adam. On Account of the Gum. Chronicle Books, 2020. 978-1-452-18154-7. 56 p. $17.99. Grades K-2.

It all starts when the young boy in this story wakes up and realizes he has gum in his hair. At the breakfast table, various family members try different tricks and techniques to loosen the gum’s grip on his dark locks. Some of the remedies include smearing butter on the gum, putting grass in his hair, and using noodles and bacon to get it out. And of course, because of the grass and the food in his hair, the boy’s new hairstyle attracts some animals as well, like a rabbit and a cat. And – don’t ask how – his aunt gets stuck in there, too! On top of that, it’s picture day at school. Eventually, the boy figures out exactly what it takes to get the gum out of his hair.

THOUGHTS: This book is hilarious – both the words and the illustrations are sure to make children laugh out loud. The text is written in rhyme which makes it fun to read. Because of all the objects stuck in the boy’s hair, this book could be used to discuss sequential order. And it also teaches a good lesson – never go to sleep with gum in your mouth! On Account of the Gum would be a perfectly fun read aloud for any elementary teacher or librarian.

Picture Book        Danielle Corrao, Manheim Central SD

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