Elem. – Animal Architects

Cherrrix, Amy. Animal Architects. Illustrated by Chrish Sasaki.  Beach Lane Books, 2021. 978-1-534-45625-9. Unpaged. $17.99. Grades K-3.

This charming picture book gives the reader a glimpse into the intricate and wondrous creations of over 12 different animal species across the globe. Some animals work on teams and some on their own to create their unique structures. Each animal is given a four page spread showing the work they do and then the amazing end result of their labors. Includes a bibliography of additional resources on the topic.

THOUGHTS: Could be used in conjunction with a unit on animal homes and habitats to inspire student artwork.

591.56 Ecology          Nancy Summers, Abington SD

Elem. – Summertime Sleepers: Animals that Estivate

Stewart, Melissa. Summertime Sleepers: Animals that Estivate. Charlesbridge, 2021. 978-1-580-89716-7. Unpaged. $16.99. Grades K-3. 

Scientists are still learning about estivation, the opposite of hibernation. Animals that estivate sleep away the summer in cool, sometimes wet, environments while their bodies take a break from warm temperatures. Melissa Stewart provides simple text about estivation that wraps through pages while each two-page spread shows a different estivating animal from around the world. Illustrator Sarah S. Brannan’s watercolor pictures show the estivating animal in their home environment topped with a notebook sketch of the animal; the notebook page also contains the animal’s name, home location, scientific name, and size. Each spread includes a paragraph of information from Stewart. Featured animals include yellow-bellied marmats, Christmas Island red crabs, convergent ladybugs, and more. Excellent, supportive back matter includes more information about featured animals, a section on estivation vs. hibernation, recommended resources, author’s and illustrator’s notes, and selected sources. Front and back endpapers are also beautiful and add excellent visual appeal.

THOUGHTS: Interesting and appealing, suggest this book to animal lovers, kids interested in science, and any reader who enjoys learning about new topics. 

571.7 Animal Biology           Lindsey Long, Lower Dauphin SD