An Infinite Moment in YA Fiction


Myracle, Lauren. The Infinite Moment of Us. New York: Amulet, 2013. 978-1-4197-0793-3. 316 p. $17.95. Gr. 10 +.
This heartwarming love story between Wren and Charlie begins just after high school graduation. However, their plans for the fall will take them in different directions, Wren to Guatemala and Charlie to Georgia Tech. Wren is an only child frustrated that she’s let her parents run her life. She followed their wishes and didn’t date during high school.  Charlie, a thoughtful foster child who is finally in a good home, works hard at his foster father’s shop. The summer heats up quickly as the author explicitly describes Wren and Charlie’s deep feelings and passion for one and other. An ex-lover complicates things and forces Wren to wonder if the pain of love is worth it. She struggles with jealousy and guilt when Charlie doesn’t put her first. In the end, we know they love each other deeply, but both Wren and Charlie believe the other doesn’t care. Wren considers staying home to be with Charlie, while Charlie is at the airport ready to join Wren in Guatemala.  The author’s skillful character development will draw readers in from the beginning. The language and graphic description of sexual behavior make this a book for older high school students.
Romance                    Michelle Hankin, Sandy Run Middle School

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