Elem. – An Eye on Spiders; Incredible Animal Life Cycles; Paw Prints; Let’s Go; Super Structures

An Eye on Spiders. Jump! Library, 2019. $17.95 ea. $125.65 set of 7. 24 p. Grades K-2.

Gleisner, Jenna Lee. Black Widows. 978-1-62496-796-2.
—. Jumping Spiders. 978-1-62496-792-4.
—. Water Spiders. 978-1-62496-798-6.
—. Wolf Spiders. 978-1-62496-800-6.

Spanier, Kristine. Garden Spiders. 978-1-62496-790-0.
—. Tarantulas. 978-1-62496-794-8.
—. Trapdoor Spiders. 978-1-62496-796-2.

Young arachnid fans or those just curious about the world of spiders will find much to enjoy in Jump!’s An Eye on Spiders series. Designed to introduce early readers to informational text, each volume features short sentences with repetitive, simple vocabulary. The habitat, physical characteristics, and hunting habits of each spider are presented, along with a picture glossary and map showing the geographic range of the spider within the world. The text is supported by numerous close-up photographs, allowing readers to fully appreciate the characteristics and beauty of each spider species.

THOUGHTS: Great photography, a high-interest subject matter, and accessible text all help to make this series a worthwhile addition to non-fiction shelves in libraries serving early readers. 

595.4 Arachnids          Elizabeth Henry, Lampeter-Strasburg SD

Kenney, Karen Latchana. Incredible Animal Life Cycles. Jump! Library, 2019. $18.95 ea. $132.65 set of 7. 24 p. Grades 2-5.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly. 978-1-62496-803-7.
Life Cycle of a Chicken. 978-1-62496-806-8.
Life Cycle of a Frog. 978-1-62496-809-9.
Life Cycle of a Jellyfish. 978-1-62496-812-9.
Life Cycle of a Kangaroo. 978-1-62496-815-0.
Life Cycle of a Ladybug. 978-1-62496-818-1.
Life Cycle of a Snake. 978-1-62496-821-1.

The Incredible Animal Life Cycle series explores some of the amazing life changes selected species go through during their lifetime. Each volume presents and discusses the various stages of the animal’s life cycle. Information about the animal’s diet, habitat, behaviors, and more are incorporated within the overall explanation of the life cycle. The text is supported by detailed photographs, sidebars, diagrams, and graphics. Each volume features a craft-type activity (using common household items)  that parents or educators can complete with children related to the life cycle. 

THOUGHTS: This series would be a strong addition to elementary library science collections. Each step of the animal life cycle is clearly explained and illustrated via high-quality photographs, which is sure to engage both the casual reader or the student researcher. The activity in each book offers a great way for children (with adult supervision and assistance) to further expand their understanding of an aspect of the life cycle. 

590s Animals         Elizabeth Henry, Lampeter-Strasburg SD

Paw Prints. Jump! Library, 2019. $17.95 ea. $215.40 set of 12. 24 p. Grades K-2.    

Duling, Kaitlyn. Beagles. 978-1-62496-764-1.
Higgins, Nadia. Boxers. 978-1-62496-766-5.
Duling, Kaitlyn. Dachshunds. 978-1-62496-768-9.
Spanier, Kristine. French Bulldogs. 978-1-62496-770-2.
Duling, Kaitlyn. German Bulldogs. 978-1-62496-772-6.
Duling, Kaitlyn. Golden Retrievers. 978-1-62496-774-0.
Higgins, Nadia. Great Danes. 978-1-62496-776-4.
Gleisner, Jenna Lee. Labrador Retrievers. 978-1-62496-778-8.
Duling, Kaitlyn. Poodles. 978-1-62496-780-1.
Duling, Kaitlyn. Pugs. 978-1-62496-782-5.
Higgins, Nadia. Rottweilers. 978-1-62496-784-9.
Higgins, Nadia. Siberian Huskies. 978-1-62496-786-3. 

Books featuring dogs are perennial favorites in most libraries (after all, approximately 40% of U.S. households own dogs!). The Paw Prints series introduces some of the most popular dog breeds to young readers. Each volume discusses the physical characteristics of the breed, along with behavioral characteristics. Most volumes also feature a short history of the breed. Designed for early readers, this series features short sentences with repetitive vocabulary. For example: “This dog is very strong. It can run very fast.” Also present in the back matter of each volume is a diagram of the dog identifying key features as well as a photo glossary and index. The text is supported by the inclusion of numerous high-quality photographs.

THOUGHTS: If you are a primary librarian looking to add to your animal/pet non-fiction collection, this series merits your consideration. Early readers will undoubtedly love the adorable, close-up photos of the dogs and will find the simple text both engaging and informative. 

636.7 Dogs          Elizabeth Henry, Lampeter-Strasburg SD

Kenan, Tessa. Let’s go!. Jump! Library, 2019. $16.95 ea. $135.60 set of 8. 16 p. Grades PreK-1. 

Bikes. 978-1-62496-979-9.
Boats. 978-1-62496-982-9.
Buses. 978-1-62496-985-0.
Cars. 978-1-62496-988-1.
Planes. 978-1-62496-991-1.
Skateboards. 978-1-62496-994-2.
Trains. 978-1-62496-997-3.
Trucks. 978-1-64128-000-6.

Buses, trains, cars, trucks, skateboards…there are so many ways for us to go places! Lets Go! introduces early readers to some of the many transportation options available today. Through the use of simple text (example text from Buses: “It’s time for school. The bus is here. Let’s go!”) and colorful, action-packed photography, readers will learn the basics of various kinds of transport. Each volume also features a “Tools for Teachers” section which offers before and after reading suggestions to educators and parents.

THOUGHTS: Libraries looking to expand their non-fiction options for their youngest readers (PreK-Gr. 1) will want to consider this series for purchase. Recommended.

629 Transportation          Elizabeth Henry, Lampeter-Strasburg SD

Murray, Julie. Super Structures. Abdo, 2019. $18.95 ea. $113.70 set of 6. 24 p. Grades 1-4. 

Burj Khalifa. 978-1-53212-309-2.
Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge. 978-1-53212-310-8.
International Space Station. 978-1-53212-311-5.
One World Trade Center. 978-1-53212-312-2.
Space Needle. 978-1-53212-314-6.
The Shard. 978-153212-313-9. 

Did you know that Burj Khalifa has the world’s highest swimming pool (on the 76th floor)? Or that it’s 24,348 windows take 3 months for a team of workers to clean? These are just some of the facts readers will learn in the Super Structures series. Each volume shares information about the location, construction, unique features, and amenities of some of the world’s most amazing feats of engineering. Back matter includes additional facts, a glossary, and a link to online resources.

THOUGHTS: This series offers a nice mix of types of structures as well as including some structures that might be new to readers, like the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge. Appropriate for both the researcher and the casual reader, the series is a worthwhile addition to the elementary shelves. 

720 Architecture         Elizabeth Henry, Lampeter-Strasburg SD

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