Elem. – First Responders on the Scene (Series NF)

First Responders on the Scene. The Child’s World, 2022. $21.95 ea. $175.60 set of 8. 24 p. Grades 3-6.

Shaffer, Jody Jensen. 911 Dispatchers On the Call. 978-1-503-85588-5.
—. Air Ambulance Crews On the Scene. 978-1-503-85584-7.
Thernstrom, Amy, and Kara L. Laughlin. Air and Sea Rescue Teams On the Scene. 978-1-503-85586-1.
Dolbear, Emily. Firefighters On the Scene. 978-1-503-85581-6.
Shaffer, Jody Jensen. Hotshot Crews On the Scene. 978-1-503-85587-8.
Paramedics On the Scene. 978-1-503-85583-0.
Dolbear, Emily. Police Officers On the Scene. 978-1-503-85582-3.
Laughlin, Kara L. Search and Rescue Teams On the Scene. 978-1-503-85585-4.

This reviewer had the opportunity to review Paramedics on the Scene from this series. Each chapter tells a short story of paramedics who were able to save a life based on training, quick thinking, and teamwork. There are large, colorful photographs, sidebars, and Think-About-It questions for each chapter. A “Fast Facts” section at the beginning of the book provides valuable background information, and an index, a glossary, and bibliography information is included in the back matter.

THOUGHTS: With very short chapters, large print, and lots of supplemental material, these books would be a welcome addition to students looking for nonfiction information about first responders. Great hi-lo reading material for students who need lots of support from text features in nonfiction books. This series is a good addition to collections where First Responder information is used in research assignments or biography projects, or where there is interest in First Responders as careers or for free choice reading.

600s First Responders          Erin Faulkner, Cumberland Valley SD

Elem. – History of Sports (Series NF)

Abdo, Kenny. History of Sports. ABDO Books, 2020. $20.00 ea. $120.00 set of 6.  24 p. Grades K-3. 

History of Basketball. 978-1-532-12738-0.
History of Baseball. 

History of Football. 978-1-532-12739-7.
History of Golf. 978-1-532-12740-3.
History of Gymnastics.  978-1-532-12741-0.
History of Soccer 978-1-532-12742-7.

History of Baseball gives a brief history of baseball, from the beginning to current times. The game of baseball is briefly explained; however, it is not an in depth explanation. There is a table of contents, glossary, and an index, as well as a page with a QR code that can be scanned for additional information. There are several full color photos found within the book  to demonstrate the different aspects of baseball that are being discussed.

THOUGHTS: This is a great introductory resource to help students learn how to use nonfiction books. This will definitely help any student who is not familiar with baseball to do research; however, it is extremely simple at times. Overall, this is a nice addition to an elementary nonfiction collection but not necessary.

796 Sports          Mary Hyson, Lehigh Valley Charter Academy