Elem. – Exploring Earth’s Biomes

Exploring Earth’s Biomes. Capstone, 2020. 32 pp. $20.99 each. $125.74 set of 6. Grades 3-6.

Christensen, Victoria G. Freshwater Biomes Around the World. 978-1-543-57211-7.
—. Grassland Biomes Around the World. 978-1-543-57213-1.
Eboch, M.M. Desert Biomes Around the World. 978-1-543-57203-2.
—. Forest Biomes Around the World. 978-1-543-57204-9.
Simpson, Phillip. Marine Biomes Around the World 978-1-543-57234-6.
—. Tundra Biomes Around the World. 978-1-543-57235-3.

Attractively packaged, this series examines the geography, climate, plants, and animals of the earth’s biomes. The aquatic biome is discussed in separate volumes: marine and freshwater. In Marine Biomes Around the World, the author focuses on oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries. The text is accompanied by colorful photographs, charts, maps, and diagrams. The material is well-organized and holds the interest of the reader. The author provides suggestions on how to conserve this biome. Scientific terms are bolded in the text and are defined at the bottom of the page. A glossary and suggested readings and websites are in the back matter.

THOUGHTS: This series is an excellent choice for libraries wishing to update their biome holdings. It contains enough information for reports, but will also be an option for those readers wishing to learn about ecology on their own.

577 Ecology          Denise Medwick, Retired, PSLA Member

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