Elem. – Home Is…

Barnaby, Hannah. Home Is… Beach Lane Books. 2021. 978-1-5344-2176-9. $17.99. Gr. PreK-3.

Home is many things to many different people and creatures. Home can be small or big, above or below, cold or warm. Home can be any place one calls its own. With beginning lyrical text, this picture book shows young readers how home is where a person (or animal) loves to be and how that is different for all creatures.

THOUGHTS: This book contains detailed pictures to share how homes are different for all creatures. With simple text, this book can provide instructors with a simple resource to discuss home, nature, environment, or a variety of topics within a curriculum.

Picture Book          Rachel Burkhouse, Otto-Eldred SD

Elem. – Stop that Poem!

Ode, Eric. Stop that Poem! Kane Miller Books. 2021. 978-1-68464-223-6. $14.99. Grades 3-6.

When creating a poem, we find that it can soar to new heights… which is exactly what happened here! A young girl created a poem that became too tall and flew away! As the young characters in the book chase after the pieces of the poem, the reader becomes aware of how a poem can create, soar, float, slither, and become a multitude of possibilities. While we want to stop the poem from soaring away, we also want to set the poem free with our words.

THOUGHTS: A uniquely created book, as we follow several pages of floating words in different environments to create a variety of poems. Readers will begin to see the possibility that poetry can be as they read through this book.

811 Poetry          Rachel Burkhouse, Otto-Eldred SD